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Community action
Community action
As a community, ask yourselves this:
1) Do we have a meth problem or do we worry that we will have one?
2) Do we want to do something about it now?

If the answer to either is "yes," it's time for somebody to sound the call to action.

Here is information on getting started:

Establish the make-up of the team.
Each team will have to undertake critical missions such as research, analysis and communication. People with skills in those
areas will be key to a group's success. Some possibilities:
  • Child Protective Services
  • Civic and Service Clubs
  • Community Mobilization
  • Criminal Justice
  • Educational Institutions
  • Elected Officials
  • Faith Community
  • Corporate Sector
  • Fire Departments
  • Law Enforcement
  • Media
  • Medical and Dental Professionals
  • Neighborhood Activists and Community Groups
  • Organized Labor Groups
  • Public Health
  • Realtors and Property Managers
  • Retail Business
  • Social Services
  • Young People

Getting started: Take that first step
Building your team
The beginning
Develop a profile
a plan
& evaluate
Next stop
Once you have established a team, at every meeting ask yourselves "who should be here who is not and how can we get them here next time?"

Who will be the "champion?"
Community groups function well when at least one member has an established voice that can reach politicians, law enforcement and others with whom the group will work.

Move swiftly
To assure success, meth teams have many tasks to perform before taking their first real action. Meet early and often, focus your agenda and make every minute count.

Examples of programs that work

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