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Community action
Develop a profile: Define goals and risks
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Once your team has collected and begun to analyze the methamphetamine information it's time to build a profile of your community.

Risks and protective factors
Using the data, determine the areas of concentration that demand the attention of your group. For each area it may be useful for your group to weigh the risk factors and protective factors.

Risk factors are those characteristics or behaviors that predict future problems. Protective factors as those indicators associated with reducing or preventing the likelihood of such problems.

Click on the icon below for a worksheet to identify risk and protective factors.

Other actions the team can take at this point include:
  • Examine program/intervention options for those that best fit your community
  • Address cultural differences in the community to be sure programs are relevant
  • Choose to innovate in the programs you choose -- it is, after all, your community
  • Don't forget to examine evidence-based programs that may offer a safer route to success
  • Share information with everyone you can and expect that they will do the same. If an entire community gets together the impact will be substantial.

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