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Recovery: Drug court
Recovery: Drug court
Drug courts trade treatment for hard time

According to the National Association of Drug Court Processionals:

"Two-thirds of all adult arrestees and over half of juvenile arrestees test positive for illicit drugs at
arrest. The national recidivism rate for drug offenses is nearly 67%. Up to eighty percent of child abuse and neglect cases and nearly fifty percent of domestic violence cases are substance-abuse related.

Drug courts represent the combined efforts of justice and treatment professionals to actively intervene and break the cycle of substance abuse, addiction, crime, delinquency, and child maltreatment. These special dockets are given the responsibility to handle cases involving addicted citizens under the adult, juvenile, family, and tribal justice systems."

Drug court cases are closely supervised and at any point an addict goes back on drugs, he/she can
be returned to custody or begin a jail sentence.

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Put simply, drug courts
offer non-violent offenders
an opportunity to get drug
treatment rather than a jail sentence.

Parents who have had their children taken away have the chance to get them returned when the parents are clean.

"There are no throw-away people in our society."

-- Judge John McCarthy
  Pierce County (WA)
  Felony drug court

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