The real story: Meth takes a heavy toll on families

First-person stories about life as a meth addict and what it did to the families involved:

James' story:

"I would like to get the attention of kids, parents, friends, and family, and open their eyes to the truth about meth.

Meth does kill!! People, this is not a recreational drug. Meth is a deadly poison!!!

I was 28, top of my class from MIT, had a degree from Harvard Medical, had my own medical practice, 1.5-million-dollar home in L.A., a couple million in savings, a loving wife and kids, 3 cars, I had it all.

Then I went to a party one night and was introduced to meth, once was all it took, I fell in love with meth and it destroyed me. Within a year I lost everything, my business, my medical license, my savings, my home, my cars, my wife and kids left me, and finally, my sanity. One night I put a gun in my mouth and pulled the trigger but was so tweaked out I didn't realize it wasn't loaded.

I got into rehab and by the grace of God got clean, and have been clean for over 6 years but I will never be the same, I now live in a 1 bedroom apartment, alone, living off a disability check, and am medicated for my paranoid schizophrenia that is a lasting affect from the brain damage caused by meth."

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Families & children
Brittany liked the feeling the effects of meth gave her. But soon her crystal meth addiction took hold and her life began to unravel. The dangers of meth became apparent when she spent time in a crystal meth lab and couldn't take care of her kids, or herself - her methamphetamine addiction took control of her life. Quitting wasn't easy - but Brittany was able to seek meth treatment and eventually overcome the physical effects of crystal meth and her meth addiction.

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