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Organizing strategies
Organizing strategies
Collaborate on a plan
Solicit input from all affected groups
Once information is in the hands of all critical groups, everyone needs to assemble around the table to firm up plans for the overarching anti-meth campaign.

In Washington State members of three disparate groups -- criminal justice, social and health services, and community systems/organizations -- gathered to push toward the common goal of the abatement of the manufacture, distribution and use of methamphetamine.

Within each group, a number of components were identified as key to the abatement program and beginnings of the expansion or enhancement of primary services.

The comprehensive effort involved law enforcement, intelligence, forensics, professional training, environmental and health services, community mobilization and public education and prevention components. These components were coordinated with all concerned state and local agencies and governmental entities, as well as private, non-profit and commercial activities where appropriate.

As the plan comes together, funding is a key priority. In order to mount an effective campaign against meth:
  • public awareness and support must be increased
  • that public backing needs to be placed in front of decisionmakers, and
  • state legislatures and local governments must be pressed to make immediate and long-term resource commitments.