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Organizing strategies
Never stand still
Methamphetamine sources and related problems have been a changing landscape. Anti-meth groups must continually critique their own work and make changes as approprite.

Methamphetamine not only has been a rapidly expanding problem in this country, it has been a rapidly changing one:

  • In the early days only small amounts of meth were distributed by biker gangs from California
  • Later the problem expanded as literally thousands of "mom and pop" labs were cooking the drug, largely on the West Coast
  • Then the cookers and users began to spread, especially into the Midwest and Southwest
  • As the problem worsened, governments took action, cutting off the supplies necessary to make meth. Lab interdictions dropped dramatically.
  • But where there is a demand, there will be a supply. That supply was filled by "super labs" working largely in Mexico and tons of meth is now being smuggled into the U.S.

What's next?

No one knows the answer to that but unless anti-meth have a built-in process to stay current, the effort may be lost.

It's almost like remodeling a house. You know what you want and you create it. Then your needs change and you make adjustments.

With meth, everyone must remain cognizant of changes in supply, demand, statistics and abuse patterns if its use is to be curtailed.