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Latest news: 1-4-2010

Meth ingredient may require prescription in Alabama

Decatur, AL - A state representative from Decatur is pursuing legislation that would make Sudafed a prescription drug. Currently, Sudafed is available over the counter. Representative Micky Hammon says this makes it the product of choice for people who make methamphetamine.

Decatur Police busted a meth lab at a house a couple of weeks ago at a home on Chestnut Street, and two children were taken from there.

Full story, WHNT-TV

Mississippi legislators consider more pseudoephedrine restrictions

MS - When the Legislature reconvenes this month, lawmakers could have an impact on further limiting access to pseudoephedrine, the main ingredient in meth.

At present Oregon is the only state that requires a prescription for pseudoephedrine, which can be found in various decongestant medication sold over the counter in Mississippi.

Full story, Hattiesburg American

Oregon scrap metal law will deter meth-fueled theft to the north

WA - Here’s bad news for sneaky crooks who’ve been stealing copper wiring from local baseball and soccer fields — and even taking bronze funeral vases from gravesites — and hauling it all off to scrap-metal buyers in Portland for quick cash.

In a New Year’s gift from the Oregon Legislature, a law that took effect Friday forbids scrap-metal buyers across the river from paying cash on the day of the transaction.

Full story, The Columbian

Man with meth lab found unconscious at gas pump

Murfreesboro, TN - A man was found passed out New Year's Day at a gas station while cooking methamphetamine in his vehicle at the fuel pumps, authorities said.

A Shell station employee called Murfreesboro police to report the passed-out man. The worker said the vehicle had been parked for about an hour.

Full story, MSNBC

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