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Latest news: 1-7-2010

Missouri city may require prescription for medicine with meth chemical

Kennett, MO - The Kennett City Council recently received information from Bootheel Drug Task Force Agents regarding a proposed ordinance that would prohibit the sale of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine without a prescription.

Agents explained to the council the purpose and intended result of the ordinance.

Full story, The Daily Dunklin Democrat

Computer program shows teens the effects of meth

A promising new program aims to prevent teenagers from trying methamphetamine by showing them how the drug might alter their appearance for the worse within a few years.

Utilizing cameras and software originally designed to show patients what they might look like after plastic surgery, a computer program known as Face2Face can show students what they could look like in a few years if they use meth, owing to effects on teeth, skin and hair from drug use.

Full story, ABC News

Former jailer pleads guilty to giving inmates meth

Cortez, CO - A former Montezuma County Sheriff's deputy has admitted he gave meth to jail inmates.

Craig James Morrison of Cortez pleaded guilty Tuesday and faces up to six years in prison. The former jailer said that inmates at the county jail threatened to beat up his wife if he did not supply them with methamphetamine.

Morrison brought the drug to at least two inmates between February and April of last year.

The man who sold the drug to Morrison, Shawn Dwain Randolph, was sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison.

Morrison will be sentenced March 2.


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