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Latest news: 1-20-2010

Missouri town will require prescription for chemical used in meth

Kennett, MO - Following a lengthy discussion on Tuesday between the Kennett City Council, members of the Bootheel Drug Task Force, and area pharmacists, the council unanimously passed an ordinance requiring prescriptions for the purchase of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine.

Brandon Michael, a Kennett Pharmacist said that he realized the council probably had limited dealings with the aspect of the community that abuses the drugs.

Full story, The Daily Dunklin Democrat

Idaho Meth Project reveals impact of ad campaign

Boise, ID - A gritty advertising campaign launched two years ago against methamphetamine use is hitting its targeted audience as more teens become aware of dangers linked to the drug, members of the Idaho Meth Project said Tuesday.

The group released a survey taken of more than 3,000 teens and young adults across the state late last year, reporting larger numbers believe there is great or moderate risk in trying the drug just once or twice compared to 2007.

Full story, Idaho Statesman

Traffic stop yields $200,000 of meth

Ellsworth County, KS - A Kansas Highway Patrol trooper discovered 10 pounds of methamphetamine valued at $200,000 in a vehicle stopped Tuesday in Ellsworth County, and two California residents were arrested and face numerous drug charges through federal court.

Eusebio Lopez-Estrada, 64, and Luis Ramierz-Lopez, 32, were arrested after their eastbound vehicle was stopped on Interstate Highway 70 for an equipment violation, according to a statement from the patrol.
The trooper became suspicious of possible criminal activity and was granted permission to search the vehicle, according to the statement.

From the Salina Journal

Hawaii Meth Project contest calls for anti-meth messages

HI - To increase awareness of the dangers of methamphetamine, also called "ice," the Hawaii Meth Project is joining with HMSA to add a special "Not Even Once" category to HMSA's 2010 Teen Video Awards Contest, as well as additional prizes. The Hawaii Meth Project will award Flip personal video cameras to contest winners whose public service announcements (PSAs) communicate the anti-Meth message "Not Even Once."

"Meth use in the state of Hawaii is a significant problem and the Hawaii Meth Project's 'Not Even Once' category is an important addition to this year's contest," said Bob Hiam, HMSA President and Chief Executive Officer. "We want teens to get their peers talking about the Hawaii Meth Project's critical message of prevention."

Full story, The Honolulu Advertiser

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