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Latest news: 1-25-2010

Meth surpasses cocaine as top drug in Mississippi

Pascagoula, MS - A statewide record number of meth arrests has prompted law enforcement leaders to push for a bill in the Legislature that would tighten distribution rules for the drug's main ingredient. Marshall Fisher, director of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, said lawmakers are reviewing House Bill 512 and Senate Bill 2339. Both would make pseudoephedrine available through a doctor's prescription only.

Full story, The Mississippi Press

Meth activity increases due to 'shake and bake' method

Kalamazoo, MI - Four years ago, it was a drug that took hours to make in elaborate labs hidden in basements, apartments and abandoned buildings. Now, in Southwest Michigan, methamphetamine has morphed into an even more prolific drug made in as little as 30 minutes in a plastic soda bottle.  And those cooking the meth have become bolder — setting up shop in the back seats of cars and in underground caves, even bringing ingredients into a patient room at a city hospital.

Full story, Kalamazoo Gazette

La Familia suspects face charges

San Diego, CA - A preliminary hearing is scheduled Monday for several people arrested in San Diego during a nationwide sweep targeting La Familia, a Mexican drug cartel known for its violence and control over the methamphetamine trade. Angel Quintero Castillo and a dozen other alleged players in La Familia were arrested last year as part of Project Coronado, an ongoing federal government campaign against the cartel. One local prosecutor described Castillo as a "facilitator."

Full story, XETV-TV

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