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Latest news: 01-27-09

Idaho Meth Project: Teens see greater drug risk

OISE, Idaho – A new survey by the Idaho Meth Project shows that more teens believe it's risky to use methamphetamine than in 2007, but that belief doesn't yet appear to be changing any behaviors.

The Idaho Meth Project commissioned the survey to see if its gritty and graphic anti-meth advertising campaign has been effective. The survey questions were nearly identical to one the project commissioned before the campaign began.

The recent results show that about 82 percent of teens say there is great or moderate risk in trying the drug once or twice. That's a five point increase compared to 2007.

But about one in five say using meth would make them feel happy, and nearly one in four say their friends would tacitly approve of them using meth. Those numbers were consistent with the 2007 survey results.


Woman arrested for selling meth outside courthouse

A Lonoke woman waiting for a friend in court on drug charges soon joined them in a jail cell this afternoon.

The Lonoke County Sheriff's Office says Debra Romero, 33, was arrested soon after stepping outside the courthouse to sell meth, completing the transaction, then stepping back inside.

Deputies say Romero was removed from the courtroom and arrested.

A search of her vehicle in the courthouse parking lot allegedly turned up meth and prescription pills.

Romero is being held on $20,000 bond.


Three kids lived at house with suspected meth lab

Merriam police have raided a suspected methamphetamine lab and arrested a 36-year-old woman, they announced this afternoon.

Police said they entered a rental home in the 8800 block of West 47th Street, which smelled of chemicals. The woman lived there with a 16-year-old child and two other children under 10 years old, police said.

During the raid Monday, police said, officers found methamphetamine, evidence that it had been made there and material to make more.

They arrested the woman for alleged possession of controlled substance, manufacturing a controlled substance and child endangerment, police said. She is expected to be charged by Wednesday.

From The Kansas City Star

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