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Latest news: 01-29-09

Meth makers use 'shake and bake' with pop bottles

ATHENS, Tenn. - Drug investigators are seeing roadside litter with traces of potentially dangerous chemicals used to make methamphetamine in plastic pop bottles.

McMinn County Sheriff's Lt. Bill Farmer said the method of cooking the addictive stimulant, known as "shake and bake," uses soda bottles and a combination of lithium strips from batteries, outdoor cooking fuel and fertilizer among items that produce a chemical reaction with ephedrine or pseudoephedrine.

He told The Daily Post-Athenian that the chemical-laced debris looks like roadside litter but it could be sickening, or possibly explosive.

Farmer said the meth-making method is increasing.

He said "if you see a bottle on the side of the road with a white substance in it, don't open it."

From the Knoxville News Sentinel

Man in critical condition after fire caused by meth lab

An Elkhart man remains in critical condition following a fire at his home, and investigators believe the fire is related to a meth lab.

According to our Read It, Watch It partners at The Truth, the fire broke out yesterday at a home in the 2000-block of Frances Avenue.

William Tinman, 49, suffered second and third degree burns on more than half his body.

Police say things used to make meth were found in the home and a working one-pot meth lab was in the backyard.


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