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Latest news: 2-02-2010

Meth bill passes Miss. Senate

MS - The Senate has passed legislation that will require Mississippians to have a doctor's prescription when they buy cold medicine that contains pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in methamphetamine. Supporters say the measure, which passed the House last week, will deter meth production. "We think this is the best way to control (meth) in the state," said Sen. Gray Tollison, D-Oxford. "It's having a huge effect on our population. We've got to do something to control it."

Full story, The Clarion-Ledger

Debate continues over best way to limit pseudoephedrine

MO - State lawmakers seeking to combat methamphetamine production say it's time to take some cold medicines like Sudafed off the shelves without a doctor's prescription. The makers of the drugs say there's a simpler -- and more effective -- way to hamper meth cooks. And they're offering to pay for it. If passed, the law would require a prescription for medicines containing pseudoephedrine, the main ingredient used to make methamphetamine.

Full story, Springfield News-Leader

Meth, other drugs fuel most crime in Hawaii

HI - Authorities say the death of 23-month-old Cyrus Belt, whose accused killer was high on crystal meth, along with virtually every adult in the toddler's life, highlights the major role illegal drugs play in many crimes — from murders to thefts — in the Islands. Witnesses detailed in court this week the crystal meth use by not only accused killer Matthew Higa, but by Belt's mother, Nancy Chanco, her live-in boyfriend, her father and Higa's father.

Full story, The Honolulu Advertiser

Meth treatment for female inmates faces budget cuts

Helena, MT - Montana’s only lockdown methamphetamine treatment center for women would get the ax if Gov. Brian Schweitzer follows through on the tentative cuts his Corrections Department submitted for consideration last week. “We’re not in a position to operate the thing in the red like that,” said Mike Ruppert, chief executive officer of Boyd Andrew Community Services, a Helena nonprofit company that runs Boulder’s Elkhorn Treatment Center and other rehabilitative and correctional services in the region. “We’d have to just shut it down.”

Full story, The Billings Gazette

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