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Latest news: 2-03-2010

Missouri had most meth labs in 2009

Jefferson City, MO - The number of methamphetamine lab busts rose nationally and locally last year by the greatest margins since lawmakers pushed pseudoephedrine products behind pharmacy counters. Nationally, the number of meth labs police seized increased by 27 percent in 2009 — the largest percent increase since 2005 when federal legislation required consumers to sign for the products at pharmacy counters.

Full story, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Ind. Senate approves meth Rx bill

Indianapolis, IN - A bill aimed at making sure Indiana's methamphetamine laws target people who try to buy cold medicines to make meth is now before the Indiana House. The Senate voted 46-4 for the legislation on Tuesday. The bill requires stores selling medications containing ephedrine and pseudoephedrine to make clear to customers the legal purchasing limit of those ingredients.

Full story, Chicago Tribune

W. Va. lawmakers hear about effects of meth houses

WV - West Virginia’s 29-year-old Crime Victims Compensation Fund pays out about $2 million yearly to innocent victims of crimes. Members of the House Finance Committee were most interested at Wednesday’s budget hearing in the growing amount spent on cleaning up methamphetamine houses after the residents are arrested and jailed. Court of Claims Clerk Cheryle Hall said the agency spends about $100,000 a year helping to make residences that have been used as meth labs livable again.

Full story, West Virginia Public Broadcasting

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