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Latest news: 2-16-2010

Wash. House passes meth chemical tracking bill

Kennewick, WA - A House Bill that would crack down on meth production passed on Saturday, and now heads to the Senate. There are rules in place now that prevent people from buying a certain amount of medicine with ephedrine in it, one of the primary ingredients used to make meth. To avoid these restrictions people have started bouncing around to multiple different stores to buy Sudafed and other medicines containing ephedrine.     

Full Story, KNDO/KNDU-TV

Opinions divided on new Miss. meth law

MS - The new Mississippi law requiring a prescription to purchase some over-the-counter cold medications is receiving mixed reactions from law enforcement officers. Last week, Gov. Haley Barbour signed into law legislation that will require consumers to have a doctor's prescription to buy cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine, a decongestant and key ingredient in the illegal drug methamphetamine.

Full story, Hattiesburg American

Ky. council resolution would call for tighter pseudoephedrine restriction

Louisville, KY - Louisville Metro Council member Vicki Welch is pushing for Kentucky to restrict access to the popular decongestant pseudoephedrine — the principal ingredient for methamphetamine — so it is available only with a prescription. Welch is sponsoring a Metro Council resolution that calls on the state General Assembly to make Kentucky the only state besides Oregon and Mississippi to require prescriptions for pseudoephedrine and similar drugs used to make meth.

Full story, The Courier-Journal

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