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Latest news: 02-18-09

State looks at electronic tracking of pseudoephedrine

SPRINGFIELD - State law enforcement authorities are pushing for electronic tracking of a key ingredient in the manufacture of methamphetamine, the highly-addictive drug that's afflicted rural communities over the last decade.

Kankakee and surrounding counties haven't been immune to the drug. But local authorities see that meth use is on the decline and not as serious a problem as it was at one time.

Full story, The Daily Journal

Meth lab suspect critically injured in explosion

A man is in critical condition after being caught in what investigators believe was a meth lab explosion.

35-year-old Jeremy Hall was airlifted to the UAB burn center.  Emergency workers responded to the explosion and the resulting fire early Tuesday morning at 735 Northwest 2nd Street in Carbon Hill.

Full story, WIAT-TV

Man busted after selling "strawberry meth" to undercover officers

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. - A Skagit County man is headed to prison for selling what's called "strawberry meth."

Look up strawberry meth online and you'll find many Web sites calling it urban legend - a pink methamphetamine cut with products like strawberry drink mix. But authorities say it's very real, and very dangerous.

Full story, MSNBC

Highway patrol reports large meth seizure

ELLSWORTH COUNTY - About $288,000 worth of methamphetamine was seized after a vehicle was stopped Tuesday morning on Interstate Highway 70 in Ellsworth County, according to a news release issued late Tuesday by the Kansas Highway Patrol.

According to the release, the trooper pulled the vehicle over after the driver committed a "lane violation." Two California residents, who weren't named in the news release, were arrested.

The meth was discovered in a false compartment under the vehicle,

The case will be handled by the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the suspects will face federal drug charges.  The street value of methamphetamine is about $1,200 an ounce, according to the patrol's news release.

From the Salina Journal

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