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Latest news: 2-19-2010

Ill. city sees first meth lab in three years

Il. - East Dubuque police broke a nearly three-year long streak when they discovered a methamphetamine lab on Wednesday. Around 10 p.m., the East Dubuque Police Department executed a search warrant at 483 Menominee St. and found the two residents had recently manufactured the drug.
"It's definitely been a long time since we've seen this," said East Dubuque Police Chief Steve O'Connell. "There's been quite the reduction in meth labs." According to police records, police last discovered a meth lab in April 2007. Despite the reduction in methamphetamine manufacturing, O'Connell said his department still was prepared for the recent event.

Full story, The Telegraph Herald

Major distributors arrested in Mo.

MO - Webster County Sheriff Roye Cole announced in a news release Thursday the arrests of multiple people considered to be "major distributors" of methamphetamine and marijuana in Webster and Dallas Counties. Additional information is expected to be available today, the release said. The investigation took several months and ended with the seizure of several pounds of methamphetamine, marijuana, multiple firearms and thousands of dollars in cash.

Full story, The Springfield News-Leader

Dixon County man connected to meth lab explosion

Dixon, MO - The massive $10.2 million drug bust in Buckhorn may not have been the only drug incident handled by area police Monday morning. According to Marshal Cliffty Yoakum of the Dixon Police Department, a 42-year-old Dixon man could face criminal charges connected to an early Monday morning explosion at his home that sent him to a Springfield hospital with severe burns. “The male that we are talking about was flown to Springfield with burns on his hands and arms and leg,” Yoakum said. The fire was caused by the ingredients that are used to make meth, Yoakum said. “When I talked to the hospital later in the evening, they talked like it was first-degree burns and probably would have to be some operations later,” Yoakum said. “I understand that he left the hospital yesterday and is back in this area somewhere.”

Full story, The Polasky County Daily News

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