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Latest news: 2-23-2010

La. man withdraws, re-injects blood to get second high

LA - Rapides Parish sheriff’s investigators were left scratching their heads when they discovered syringes filled with blood stashed all around an Alexandria home where they had discovered a methamphetamine lab. The man who lived there, James Randolph Boyer, eventually admitted that the blood was drawn from his own veins and the veins of others while they were high so that it could be re-injected into their bloodstreams to get a second high, Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Assistant Chief Deputy Herman Walters said.

Full story, The Town Talk

Tulsa hardware store removes meth precursors from shelves

Ok. - Your local hardware and grocery store is becoming a heaven for meth makers. The state only goes so far when it comes to clamping down on the sale of the ingredients used to make meth. So some businesses are taking their own steps to restrict household items from meth cooks. There’s a lot of red tape when it comes to buying the key meth ingredient pseudoephedrine cold medicine pills. That’s because the state requires behind-the-counter sales and only so many purchases per month.

Full story, from KOKI-23

Endangered children removed from suspected meth lab

Ky. - Four children were taken into protective custody Saturday night after deputies found a suspected meth lab in the home in which they were staying. Four adults were arrested at a home on Kensee Hollow Road in Whitley County. Ronald Overbay, 44; Susan Overbay, 38; Oby Stevens, 26; and Brad Petrey, 26; were each charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and first-degree wanton endangerment.

Full story, The Times Tribune

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