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Latest news: 03-02-09

Colorado suffers high rates of ID theft

DENVER - There are lots of scammers targeting Coloradans and they seem to have great success in our state. That's according to recently released statistics by the Federal Trade Commission.

The annual report on consumer complaints about fraud and other economic crimes shows in 2008, Colorado had the highest number of fraud complaints per capita.  It was second in the amount of losses reported at about $6,800 per victim.

Colorado came in 10th in the nation for reported cases of identity theft, which is an improvement.  In 2005, our state was fifth in ID theft.

"It's tough to connect the dots, but one of the things we know is that Denver does seem to be the hub for the methamphetamine traffic coming up from Mexico and so there's a vital connection between ID theft and meth," Cary Johnson with the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office said.

Johnson is director of fraud prevention and says the top three fraud complaints they get are regarding phony debt collection, work at home schemes, and foreign lottery scams.


Students and troopers march against meth, pay tribute to fallen officer

Elgin - During the Fourth Annual March Against Meth Day in Oklahoma, communities around the state planned activities to show their support on Monday.  Every year in Elgin, a march honored an officer who was killed in the line of duty in the ‘War on Drugs.' 

The march also focuses on the dangers of meth use and its addiction.  This march was a tribute in honor of Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Rocky Eales who was killed in the line of duty on September 24, 1999, while trying to serve a search warrant at a residence in rural Sequoya County.

Full story, KSWO-TV

Tired of anhyrdrous ammonia theft, fertilizer business invests in prevention

A Daviess County business has taken the latest step towards protecting local citizens from ongoing methamphetamine production. Traylor Fertilizer Service has made a large investment in a tamper-proof lock called the Valve U Lock — a lock designed to safeguard anhydrous ammonia tanks from being broken into.

Anhydrous is a key component in the production of meth. Thieves have to get it somewhere before they can make a batch. So theft of anhydrous is usually under the cover of darkness from an anhydrous tank either sitting in a farmer’s field or still at the distributor’s plant.

Full story, Washington Time-Herald

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