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Latest news: 3-2-2010

Miss. has more meth arrests than crack, cocaine combined

MS - Unnecessary evil. Cycle of madness. Modern-day plague. That's how law enforcement officials describe methamphetamine, an illegal stimulant and appetite suppressant known as "the poor man's cocaine." This relatively cheap, illegal drug is a physical and spiritual corrosive eating into Mississippi's resources, social fabric, and even its soul, law enforcement says. In 2009 alone, the epidemic spawned at least 620 seizures of meth laboratories by law enforcement agencies. That's more than double the number from the previous year.

Full story, The Clarion Ledger

Arrests for meth use and labs on the rise in Lincoln Parish, La.

LA - Lincoln Parish didn’t have much of a crystal methamphetamine problem this time last year — but times change, and rather quickly at that, said Lincoln Parish Sheriff Mike Stone. Lincoln Parish now has a greater problem with crystal meth than ever before, Stone said. “I would say that we didn’t see much meth here up until about two months ago. We have gathered lots of intelligence the last six months, and we can say that the meth problem has expanded here (in Lincoln Parish),” Stone said. Crystal meth users who are fleeing Arkansas are most likely to blame for the problem, Stone said.

Full story, The Ruston Daily Leader

Couple makes anhydrous ammonia, drug agent overcome by fumes

GA - Albany Dougherty Drug Unit agents found what they say could have been a deadly combination of chemicals used to make methamphetamine in an East Albany neighborhood Monday morning. They arrested a husband and wife and seized drugs and guns. A.D.D.U. drug agents, wearing haz mat protection suits, removed chemicals from a shed behind 2242 Duitman Road.  Investigators say it appears the husband and wife who live there were trying to make anhydrous ammonia--  a gas to be used to cook methamphetamine. A.D.D.U. Commander Major Bill Berry said, "I'd say this is a very good size lab."

Full story, WALB-TV

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