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Latest news: 3-4-2010

Louisville, Ky. panel backs pseudoephedrine bill

KY - The Louisville Metro Council's Public Safety Committee passed a resolution Wednesday calling on state government to limit the sale of the decongestant pseudoephedrine — the principal ingredient in methamphetamine — to those who have a prescription. The measure passed on a party-line vote after debate that grew heated at times. At one point, the committee's co-chair, Kevin Kramer, R-11th District, threatened to remove resolution sponsor Vicki Welch, D-13th, from the council's chambers for trying to speak over him. Although some Democrats, such as mayoral candidate David Tandy, 4th District, expressed some concerns about whether tightening access to pseudoephedrine would spark a decline in meth labs, Democrats beat out Republicans on the committee by one vote.

Full story, The Courier-Journal

Tenn. operation "Rid Meth" results in 51 arrests

TN - Law enforcement arrested 51 people related to meth charges.Some charges included child neglect. The arrests resulted from a six month long investigation between several departments. Law enforcement were fed up with "Smurfing." That's people who buy pseudoephedrine from pharmacies to make methamphetamine. Officers put "Operation Rid Meth" into effect. The investigation started in Winchester, TN and was led by Investigator Chris Lane

Full story, WAFF-TV

Dentists play role in early detection of meth use

CA - Severe dental problems in otherwise healthy young people could be a sign of methamphetamine addiction, a new study suggests. Researchers collected medical, oral health and substance use data from 300 methamphetamine-dependent adults and compared it with data from non-meth users from the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Full story, From Health Day

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