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Latest news: 3-9-2010

Drug company to track purchases of cold meds

MO - Missouri selected a company Monday to develop a database for tracking purchases of cold medicine that can be used to make methamphetamine. Since 2005, Missouri has kept a paper log that law officers can check later to track purchases of cold medications containing pseudoephedrine. A 2008 law required the development of electronic logs allowing real-time monitoring, but plans to expand the tracking system stalled because it was not funded.

Full story, The Washington Post

Tenn. task force stakes out pharmacies, catches "smurfers"

TN - With binoculars in hand, Agent Mike Hall scours an Athens pharmacy through his truck’s window while “Tainted Love” softly plays in the background. He sets the binoculars in the console, between himself and his partner, Agent Angie Gibson, as the two wait for a smurfer to appear. “Watch for red hair with green T-shirt” crackles through the radio. Minutes later, the suspect walks out the front door of the pharmacy, a small plastic bag dangling from one hand, climbs into a car and drives off.

Full story, The Chattanooga Times Free Press

Ga., meth prevention campaign aimed at teens

GA - Augusta-area police say they support a hard-hitting ad campaign aimed at keeping teens from using methamphetamine.The Georgia Meth Project -- which debuted Monday on the steps of the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta -- is designed to flood media with ads featuring graphic and startling images of teenage users. Across a wide array of formats, the campaign will feature Georgia teens talking about their experiences using the highly addictive stimulant.

Full story, The Augusta Chronicle

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