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Latest news: 03-12-09

Woman 'in pain' arrested in meth seizure

SAN ANTONIO - A neighbor concerned about a woman who sounded as if she was in pain appears to be the key to police making an arrest and large seizure of money and methamphetamine early Thursday morning.

San Antonio police arrested a 52-year-old woman from her home at the Enclave Apartments at 1550 Jackson Keller Road after finding about $250,000 in cash, seven ounces of meth and a gun, investigators said. Some of the drugs and money were packed into small bags, they said.

The woman, apparently a diabetic, was on probation for possession of drugs with the intent to deliver and felony possession of a firearm, said SAPD Chief Bill McManus. One of the woman's neighbors called for help when she thought she heard sounds of somebody in pain, McManus said.

"(The drugs were) not what they went there for, but after having entered and seeing the narcotic and money in plain view, that led to the search warrant and it was obtained," McManus said.

Police have not released the woman's identity, but said she is recovering at a hospital for a medical problem and will be charged with multiple crimes relating to Thursday's arrest.


Over two days, police find lab in same home twice

LEBANON JUNCTION, KY - Some accused criminals aren't too bright and the Bullitt County Sheriff's Department says they've arrested a group that really proves the point. It started when detectives busted two Lebanon Junction residents for allegedly making meth. After that, police got more than they expected.

After an extensive drug investigation, detectives finally moved in to arrest their suspects. When they did, police say they confirmed their belief that meth cookers aren't too smart - and neither are some of their friends.

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State will bring back meth task force

Cal-MMET, an interdepartmental anti-meth team that’s been inactive because of budget issues, will be back in action. The state budget turned out to be a boon for law enforcement and saved Cal-MMET and other programs, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said.

“As a taxpayer I think it’s terrible because I don’t want to pay more fees and more taxes, that’s the wrong direction,” Youngblood said. “But as a sheriff it’s a good public safety budget.”

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High on meth, couple goes looking for "demons" that took baby

Two Unalaska residents lost their baby last month — and went looking for the demons that snatched it.

That’s what they told Unalaska police, according to charging documents filed in the city’s district court.

Donald J. Gray, 34, and Jennifer Gillich, 30, had shot crystal methamphetamine into their arms in the days before the search. They “weren’t in their right mind,” said Sgt. Matt Betzen. 

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