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Latest news: 03-13-09

Real-time tracking approved by Senate, must now pass House

Law enforcement and pharmacists could have another tool to keep key ingredients for methamphetamine out of the hands of addicts.

An electronic tracking system for ingredients like pseudoephedrine won Senate approval Thursday.

"A real-time system will allow law enforcement to know immediately who is purchasing precursors, and I think that will result in a significant drop in the number of meth labs," said Sen. Jim Barnett, R-Emporia, who sponsored Senate Bill 248.

Full story, The Wichita Eagle

MIssouri woman, 78, faces meth charge

SILEX, Mo. - Police bust a suspected meth lab, and among those arrested is a 78-year-old woman.

A tip led authorities in eastern Missouri's Lincoln County to a home in Silex. Three people were arrested and charged with manufacturing meth — 44-year-old Von Watson, 34-year-old Craig Mumphard and 78-year-old Eva Fink. Fink was also charged with endangering the welfare of a child, and an infant was removed from the home.

Investigators say they found items used in making meth as well as heroin and a small caliber handgun.

Authorities have not released details about the child's relationship with the suspects. The infant was placed in the custody of the Missouri Division of Family Services.


Parents upset over meth bust near daycare center

ASHLAND - Ashland parents are upset over Wednesday’s bust of a methamphetamine lab near a daycare center.  The lab was in a trailer across the street from Ashland’s Southern Boone Child Care Center.

The center's owner says law enforcement officers went out of their way to make sure her children were safe.

"After it was safe, they let me know,” said Jennifer Begemann. “They measured the distance. They took care of what they needed to do to make sure that my building and my property and my children were safe because that was their biggest concern."

Begemann says she put extra locks on her doors because her building is so close to Highway 63.  She says the meth lab bust on Liberty Ln. was an isolated incident in a friendly neighborhood.


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