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Latest news: 03-17-09

Meth lab was guarded by attack dogs

HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE, Ark. - Law officers raiding a Garland County meth lab were first greeted by about a half dozen attack dogs and a suspect armed with a pistol.

Authorities say 49-year-old Earl Loy of Hot Springs Village was restrained Monday after he pointed the pistol at agents. Loy faces felony drug and weapons charges.

Police say the lab was in daily production and that Loy was selling meth out of the home where the lab was.  Local drug task force officers had to shoot some of the dogs to get them to stop attacking.

Two officers were treated for chemical exposure due to the chemicals that Loy had on hand to produce meth. Officials say both officers are fine, though one needed hospital treatment.  Three other people found at the house were detained.


Further pseudoephedrine restrictions approved by House

A bill to place tighter restrictions on the sale of a cold medicine used in making meth is on its way to Governor Culver. The bill would limit the purchase of pseudoephedrine to 3,600 milligrams within a 24 hour period.

Customers would also be required to sign an electronic log to keep track of where purchases are made. Currently, customers only have to sign a paper log.

The Iowa House unanimously approved the bill Monday.


Over $1.35 million worth of meth seized in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS - Authorities in Indianapolis busted an interstate methamphetamine trafficking ring in Indianapolis on Monday.

Police seized 30 pounds of meth with an estimated street value of about $1.35 million from a home on the city's southeast side.  They also seized marijuana, a shotgun and about $15,000 in cash.

Two men were arrested in connection with the raid. State Police said the men are suspected of trafficking meth from California to Indiana.  The raid was set up after Missouri Highway Patrol officers seized a shipment of meth intended for Indianapolis during a traffic stop.  Authorities said the men would probably face federal drug charges.

A state police spokesman said police generally estimate the value of meth at about $450,000 per 10 pounds.


Pregnant woman sold fake meth, buyer complains to police

Two women were arrested on meth charges following an argument in a motel parking lot early Friday morning.

According to Flagstaff police reports, officers responded to the Americana Inn, 2650 E. Route 66 at about 5:50 a.m. One officer arriving on the scene noticed four women walking from the direction of the motel, two of them arguing.

After ignoring the officer, the women stopped so he could talk with them. As one woman approached, she told the officer that she paid $130 for meth, but instead was given salt, and she wanted her money back. She handed the officer the baggie that contained a white substance that looked [like] it could possibly be meth. The other woman, who was pregnant, denied the allegation.

Soon thereafter, the officer heard the sound of glass hitting the pavement and noticed it was a meth pipe. None of the women appeared to know what the officer was talking about when he inquired who threw the meth pipe away. During a search of the two women at the jail, jail staff discovered the pregnant woman was attempting to swallow some meth she had in her mouth, but prevented her from doing so.

Consuelo Almendarez, 30, 2705 N. Center St., was booked on charges of possession of dangerous drugs, bringing contraband into a secure facility and disorderly conduct. Melissa Dodson, 26, of Tuba City, was booked on one count of possession of dangerous drugs.

The other two women were charged with misdemeanor crimes in the incident.

From The Arizona Daily Sun

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