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Latest news: 3-17-2010

Ky. bill to prevent drug offenders from buying precursors

KY - A Senate panel approved a bill Tuesday in the latest push to combat methamphetamine production in Kentucky — this time by blocking drug offenders from purchasing popular cold medicines with ingredients used to make the illicit drug. Senate Majority Floor Leader Robert Stivers said his measure was an attempt to curb meth production by sidelining many of the people who could be recruited to purchase common medicines containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine.

Full story, The News-Times

Throwing meth trash away to become a crime in Pa.

PA - Legislation that will make it a crime to dispose waste from the illegal production of methamphetamine or to operate a meth lab is one step closer to becoming law said Pennsylvania Representative Tina Pickett. Pickett, who is a co-sponsor of the measure, has been a long-time advocate to prevent the use and production of methamphetamine, a substance 30 times more powerful than crack cocaine..

Full story, WETM-TV

Ala., rise in meth labs a strain on Shelby County resources

AL - The Shelby County Drug Enforcement Task Force is alarmed at the rise of meth labs in 2010. "In comparison to last year, up until this time we had two. We have eleven this year," Lt. Chris George with the Task Force said. George says the rise is a strain on the county's resources. "We send in five or six investigators for the safety of everyone involved. You have to have that many just to go knock on the door to say ‘what's going on here?'" George said.

Full story, WBRC-TV

K-9 detects 22 pounds of meth

FL - A traffic stop resulted in the largest crystal meth bust in Okeechobee County history, according to Sheriff Paul May. On Monday, members of the Okeechobee County Narcotics Task Force conducted a traffic stop in the 800 block of Highway 441 North after a driver failed to stop at a stop sign. An 11-year-old narcotics detection canine named Widgen searched the vehicle and gave warning signs that the vehicle contained some type of illegal narcotic.

Full story, WP-TV

Research shows changes in brains of meth exposed infants

DC - Children whose mothers abused methamphetamine (meth) during pregnancy show brain abnormalities that may be more severe than that of children exposed to alcohol prenatally, according to a study in the March 17 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience. While researchers have long known that drug abuse during pregnancy can alter fetal brain development, this finding shows the potential impact of meth. Identifying vulnerable brain structures may help predict particular learning and behavioral problems in meth-exposed children.

Full story, WBRC-TV

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