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Latest news: 3-18-2010

SAMHSA expands programs for meth affected children

A dozen grants will be awarded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to support services for a very specific population: children affected by methamphetamine in families served by family treatment drug courts. A total of $17.8 million is available in FY2010 to support grants of up to $370,000 annually over four years. "The purpose of this program is to expand and/or enhance services to children (0-17 years) and families of those suffering from methamphetamine use and abuse, which have resulted in a referral/involvement in a Family Treatment Drug Court (FTDC)," according to SAMHSA. "The program will focus primarily on the children (0-17 years) of parents who use or abuse methamphetamine. Grantees are encouraged to include other caregivers or foster parents involved in the care of the children in the enhancement aspect of the family services."

Full story, Join Together

Tenn., meth cooks find ways to get around, exploit laws

TN - Five years ago, law enforcement put pseudoephedrines behind the counter, limited the amount a person could purchase and required pharmacists to keep a log of all buyers. But meth users found a way around the laws to keep making meth, police said. "It's a cat-and-mouse (game)," said Sen. Doug Jackson. "We find a way to control these issues and address these problems, then the bad guys find a way to exploit or go around laws and law enforcement."

Full story, WSMV-TV

Sheriff finds "Largest meth lab I've ever seen in career"

IL - Sangamon County sheriff’s deputies discovered a methamphetamine lab in a storage facility Wednesday that Sheriff Neil Williamson described as the largest he’s seen in his career. Deputies, along with Illinois State Police, late Wednesday were still sorting through the 12-foot by 25-foot storage shed, which is in the 2600 block of North 15th Street. More than 50 cans of starter fluid and a bucket containing pseudophedrine tablets reportedly were found. Both items are used in the production of methamphetamine. No arrests have been made, but Williamson said his department does have a suspect, and deputies plan to seek an arrest warrant Thursday.

Full story, WBRC-TV

Seven warrants, $85,000 worth of meth seized in one night

AZ - Tempe Police have made 41 arrests in north Tempe in the past three months as part of a project to stop illegal drug trafficking and associated crime in the neighborhood. Operation Double Down began when officers recognized a problem in the area and began discussing it with residents. Tempe's Special Investigation Bureau decided the problem needed to be addressed, said Sgt. Steve Carbajal spokesperson for Tempe Police. Officers served seven different search warrants in one night and seized about $85,000 worth of methamphetamine and almost $1,000 worth of cocaine and marijuana. Thirty-four of the recent 41 arrests were for drug-related offenses.

Full story, The Arizona Republic

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