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Latest news: 03-23-09

Man arrested after meth found in gas tank

The Kansas Highway Patrol arrests one man after finding methamphetamine hidden in his gas tank during a routine traffic stop.

The trooper pulled over the man on I-70 near Ellsworth Friday.  That's when the trooper noticed the fuel system had been tampered with.  He found the two and a half pounds of meth, with a street value of $50,000, suspended in the tank.

Ramon Gomez-Romero, 19, was arrested and may face one federal drug charge. 


Six arrested after police find meth lab

Six people were arrested Friday when Johnson County sheriff's deputies searched a property and found a methamphetamine lab.

Deputies went with a search warrant to 1603 Blains Cemetery Road N.W. at 12:30 p.m. Friday. They found the meth lab in a camper on the property and multiple items consistent with manufacturing methamphetamine. Deputies also found throughout the property many items that had been used in previous methamphetamine labs.

Three residents of the address - Jeffrey Scott Wessels, 49, Robert Charles Orear, 63, and William Andrew Wessels, 23 - were charged with possession of a controlled substance precursor, a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

Amber Marie Keith, 24, of Solon and Amy Lynette Schuerer, 40, of Amana also were charged with possession of a controlled substance precursor.

As deputies searched the site, Richard Duane Lueders, 53, of Cedar Rapids drove to the address. Lueders told an officer that he had a loaded pistol inside the vehicle, according to a complaint. Lueders was charged with carrying weapons, an aggravated misdemeanor punishable by up to two years in prison.

From The Des Moines Register

Sheriff's department receives federal grant to fight meth

Union Parish Sheriff Bob Buckley calls methamphetamine a "time bomb."

If mishandled, the drug's volatile chemicals can easily ignite an explosion. After it's produced, meth leaves behind a toxic cocktail that contaminates the surrounding environment, and the drug's highly addictive nature wrecks the lives of those who abuse it.

To help defuse the spread of the drug, the Union Parish Sheriff's Office recently received $250,000 in federal grant money to eradicate meth.

Full story, The News-Star

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