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Latest news: 3-30-2010

Miss. officials keep up with meth busts, but funds needed

MS - Amid a recession that has robbed state coffers, the district attorney for DeSoto County says he and his hard-pressed assistants have been able "to keep our heads above water" in dealing with a wave of cases, especially drug prosecutions. "We've seen a rash of methamphetamine cases," John Champion said Monday, "and we're starting to see heroin and 'meth ice.'" The latter refers to a more potent form of the drug he says is manufactured in meth "superlabs" in Mexico and remote desert areas of the southwestern U.S., saying "it all heads east once it gets cooked." Champion, who supervises a team of just seven assistant district attorneys to handle 2,700 to 3,300 new felony cases a year across a five-county district, estimates about 200 to 250 of those are meth or meth-related cases.

Full story, The Commercial Appeal

Meth-related fires down in Evansville, KY

KY - Nothing but a mound of freshly pushed dirt sits on the plot of 1009 Cherry St. The house that once was there burned March 10 at the hands of suspected vagrants. The house, which has since been torn down, was vacant for years. At the time of the fire, the windows to the home were boarded up to deter intruders, and it had no working utilities. The blaze is just one of more than 30 arson fires the Evansville Fire Department has investigated this year. The number is more than double the arson-related property fires from January through March 2009..

Full story, The Evansville Courrier & Press

Police Chief's six-year-old grandson o.d.'s on meth

NY - New York State Police and Oneida County Child Protective Services are still investigating how a six-year-old boy from Oneida Castle overdosed on methamphetamine. The grandson of Sherrill Police Chief James Hastings was rushed to the Oneida Healthcare Center Emergency Room by his mother, Melissa Hastings, in the early hours of Feb. 16 after he abruptly woke up around 1 a.m. screaming and hallucinating bugs.

Full story, The Oneida Daily Dispatch

Ind., ammonia leak possibly connected to meth

IN - An anhydrous ammonia leak possibly caused by methamphetamine makers led authorities to evacuate at least three Taylorsville neighborhoods in the middle of the night, delay schools and close a major highway. One motorist who drove through the ammonia cloud early Tuesday sought medical attention, and medics were dispatched to some locations, said Lt. Rob Kittle of the Bartholomew County Sheriff's Department. The pre-dawn darkness and fog in the area made it difficult to determine whether the cloud was dissipating as it drifted southward toward Columbus, Kittle said. Some schools delayed opening for two hours as a precaution.

Full story, The Republic

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