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Latest news: 3-30-2010

Al. Gov signs bill for electronic pseudo database

AL - People snort it, inject it, smoke it, or take it orally. It's crystal meth, and it has become a major problem in Alabama. Governor Bob Riley plans to crack down on the drug with a new law. On Tuesday, Governor Bob Riley signed a new bill that will allow access to electronic databases to enable law enforcement to quickly track the main ingredient in meth. Pseudoephedrine, the ingredient often used to relieve cold and allergy symptoms, can become lethal when mixed with other chemicals in meth.

Full story, WSFA-TV

Meth has become the Miss. Bureau of Narcotic’s No. 1 target.

MS - The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics made more arrests for crystal methamphetamine than cocaine in 2009, and officials say 2010 will likely see even more meth arrests. Last year was the first time in the drug agency’s history that agents hauled in more people to jail for meth than cocaine. And methamphetamine has become the MBN’s No. 1 target. Agency officials hope a state law taking effect July 1 that requires a prescription for the cold medication pseudoephedrine — a key ingredient in making meth — will put a dent in the drug’s production in the state.

Full story, The McComb Enterprise-Journal

Major meth trafficking operation dismantled, 125 pounds meth seized

FL - Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd today announced this morning the dismantling of a major crystal methamphetamine trafficking operation. According to the Sheriff's Office, 11 search warrants were served, leading to 21 arrests, including 16 made Tuesday. Many of the suspects in the case are from the Lake Wales-Frostproof area. In addition, authorities seized weapons and vehicles, large amount of cash and "huge amounts" of methamphetamine.

Full story, The News Chief

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