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Latest news: 04-07-09

Owners foot the cleaning bill for meth-contaminated buildings

TRI-STATE - Who's responsible when meth makers take over a vacant home or apartment and leave a big mess?

Property owners and landlords are often the ones left holding the bill.

"It really is an eye-opener," landlord Pat Pittman said.

Full story, WFIE-TV

Software shows your age progression on meth

Mendocino County Sheriff's Office and a Bay Area software company have partnered to debut a computer program that can show you what you would look like as a methamphetamine addict.

Sheriff Tom Allman and Laslo Vespremi , CEO of Abalone LLC, have worked to make "Face 2 Face" a tool that has already been seeing action at area schools this year.

"It has been developed over the last 18 months," Allman said. "We are the only law enforcement agency in the nation that has this."

Full story, The Ukiah Daily Journal

Louisiana bill would make meth manufacturing more difficult

BATON ROUGE - Even with restrictions placed on the purchase of their main ingredients, it's still too easy to obtain mass quantities of drugs to manufacture methamphetamine, says Rep. Fred Mills, D-Breaux Bridge.

Mills, a pharmacist and former member of the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy, proposes in House Bill 177 to take pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine off the over-the-counter list and make them Schedule 5 controlled dangerous substances. That change requires purchasers to present photo identification and transactions involving those products to be recorded into the Prescription Monitoring Program.

Full story, The Daily World

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