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Latest news: 04-13-2010

Southern Ill. suffering from the scourge of meth

IL - Local drug response teams say methamphetamine is making a comeback, especially in parts of southern Illinois. State police records show in 2009: Williamson, Saline and Franklin Counties had the highest number of lab seizures in southern Illinois. Williamson had the third highest number in the state, with 32 meth busts. On our first stop of the day with the ISP Meth Response Team, two pressurized tanks of ammonia, a smoker bottle and a hose found in a ditch were dead giveaways that meth is in the area.

Full story, From WSIL-TV

Programs that help addicted mothers, kids may be in jeopardy

AZ - When she was four months pregnant and starting to show, Brandy Paceley was so addicted that she couldn't quit smoking meth even though it made her sick to her stomach. Even her drug dealers didn't want to sell to her anymore because they feared the damage to her unborn child. "You feel worthless. The shame is the big one. An innocent child, are you kidding me?" she said. "The only thing that gives you relief is to use again." But that seems like a lifetime ago. Paceley, 31, has been clean now for three years, thanks to the Center for Hope in Mesa. Since 2005, 105 women have given up drugs and given birth to drug-free babies with no birth defects while living at the center. Now the agency and many of its alumni fear that state budget cuts and loss of funding will jeopardize their progress.

Full story, The Arizona Republic

Man arrested for manufacturing meth after child found in road

MO - A Malden man is in jail after police say they found his child in the middle of the road, and components of a meth lab at his home. According to the Dunklin County Sheriff's Department, Jeremy Wade Earnheart of Malden was arrested after police found multiple drug paraphernalia and components of a meth lab at his home. Police say it started when a passerby noticed a small child sitting in the middle of the road. When police arrived, they found out the child belonged to Earnheart and then went to his home at 41870 Bernard Road.

Full story, from KAIT-TV

Former addicts feel abandoned by themselves, society

IN - Methamphetamine addicts need programs and perhaps a shelter to break free from the drug and away from poisonous drug relationships. That was the message recovering meth addicts Julius and Jocelynne Novitzke shared at the Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter’s anti-meth commission meeting recently. The Novitzkes wanted the committee to know that to help curb the meth problem, help needs to be readily available. “We don’t need medicine, we need open arms, an open heart and someone who cares,” Julius Novitzke said. “The worst thing is to abandon us, because we’ve already abandoned ourselves.”

Full story, The South Bend Tribune

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