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Latest news: 04-15-2010

Oregon AG presses Congress for meth law

DC - Oregon did it first, and now the state's attorney general is urging Congress to put tougher restrictions on cold and allergy medications across the nation. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) has put a bill on the table that would require a doctor's prescription to obtain cold and allergy medications that contain pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient for making illegal methamphetamine. Oregon attorney general John Kroger told a congressional committee this week, “Oregon's decision to put cold medicines with pseudoephedrine behind the counter in 2006 dramatically reduced the number of meth labs in the state.  I'm urging congress to pass Oregon Senator Ron Wyden's bill, which would adopt for the entire country Oregon’s remarkably effective law."

Full story, from KMTR-TV

Drug industry backs e-tracking of pseudoephedrine products

DC - The National Association of Chain Drug Stores and the Consumer Healthcare Products Association both support the implementation of a nationwide electronic tracking system for over-the-counter sales of cold and allergy medicines containing pseudoephedrine, used to make the illicit drug methamphetamine. In statements to Congress Tuesday, both organizations said e-tracking would be more effective in crime fighting and more patient-friendly than a move to make these products available by prescription only. NACDS said such a move “ultimately harms consumers, imposes unjustified burdens on the health care system, and creates additional cost burdens for public and private health care payers.”

Full story, from Super Market News

With cars as meth labs,  explosive evidence litters roads

IN - The toxic garbage, often in clumps, blends in easily with the more mundane litter along rural roads and highways here: used plastic water bottles, old tubing, dirty gloves, empty packs of medicine. But it is a nuisance with truly explosive potential, and evidence of something more than simply a disregard for keeping the streets clean. “The way to get rid of your meth lab these days is to put it in a plastic bag, then throw it out the car window,” said William V. Wargo, the chief investigator for the prosecuting attorney’s office in Elkhart County.

Full story, The New York Times

Man shot in struggle with deputy after Sudafed purchase, chase

TN - Dozens of law enforcement officials worked Wednesday afternoon to gather evidence at the scene where a Madison County sheriff's deputy assigned to Metro Narcotics fatally shot a man in Pinson following a car and foot pursuit. A foot chase into a wooded area turned deadly when the deputy struggled with the man over the deputy's weapon, Sheriff David Woolfork said. The names of the deputy and the man killed likely will be released today , Woolfork said. The incident began when a Jackson pharmacy called Metro Narcotics about 1 p.m. Wednesday to report someone in the store purchasing Sudafed, which can be used to make methamphetamine.

Full story, The Jackson Sun

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