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Latest news: 04-19-2010

Law to protect unknowing families from meth exposure

UT - Did you know homes contaminated with methamphetamine can be dangerous for several years? Utah Gov. Gary Herbert is symbolically signing Senate Bill 12 into law to protect families Monday afternoon. It allows tax payers to donate a portion of their income tax return to tear down meth homes and rebuild new homes in their place. The goal is to protect people from the dangerous residue meth leaves behind.

Full story, from KTVX-TV

Meth lab seizures, arrests increase but number of users rises, too

TN - The meth lab was in a different county, the surroundings different ... but something seemed familiar. And Capt. Barry Michael realized the man cooking methamphetamine had been arrested more than a year earlier on the same charge. The man had pleaded guilty and spent more than a year in jail. But less than three months after his release, he was making meth again. "I asked him what made him start back," Michael recalled. "He looked at me and said, 'You just don't understand. I sat in that cell every day, and all I thought about was getting a hit of meth.'"

Full story, The Jackson Sun

Okla. agency uses date of birth to block sales of meth element

OK - Since November, when the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs added a "date of birth” requirement to better track sales of pseudoephedrine at pharmacies, drug enforcement agents have seen the number of denials grow from about 2,000 per month to 7,000 per month, OBN spokesman Mark Woodward said. "Most of these were blocked because they had an Oklahoma  driver’s license that was not in our system or had a name that did not match the date of birth, ” he said. As of last week, OBN had managed to block 35,000 over-the-counter sales that might have been used to produce methamphetamine, the state official said.

Full story, The Oklahoman

Sheriff's deputy accused of helping suspect under surveillance

FL - A Polk County deputy is accused of providing a suspect in a major methamphetamine investigation with the license tag information of an undercover sheriff's vehicle that was following her. Joe Murphy, 41, was arrested Friday on one count of access to a computer without authority. He was released from the county jail today after posting bail. The 16-year veteran has been suspended with pay pending his firing, the sheriff's office said. On Dec. 22, authorities said, Murphy received cell phone messages from Morgan Wilson, the girlfriend of Erick Chavez, a Lake Wales man who was believed to be trafficking meth. Chavez's cell phone was tapped.

Full story, The Tampa Tribune

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