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Latest news: 04-23-09

"Wee Care" bears donated

More than 300 children, who will need a friend, will have one thanks to the UK College of Arts and Sciences.

This afternoon, the college donated a mountain of teddy bears and other stuffed animals to the Kentucky State Police’s “Wee Care Pack” program, which began four years ago.

Backpacks are packed with toothbrushes, shampoo, other grooming items and toys, and they are given to children who are found in homes with meth labs.  The children’s homes are condemned, and the kids have to leave everything behind.

Colonel Mike Sapp with Kentucky State Police says, “The items that are in there (the backpacks) are designed to ease the pain of the move and it also gives them something to do… to keep them busy during this transition”.

The bears and backpacks are also given to children who are involved in car accidents and domestic violence cases.  The items will be placed in state trooper’s cars, ready for tough situations involving kids.


Owner arrested for building meth lab at business

A storeowner in downtown Heflin was arrested last week for allegedly attempting to manufacture methamphetamines in the back of the store, Heflin police said.

Police said Kyle Maynard, 30, had the "components" to create meth, but no finished product was found in his Ross Street electronics store, Sights and Sounds.

Full story, The Cleburne News

County narcotics unit declares war on drugs

Chatooga County - The Chattooga County Sheriff's Department has declared war on drugs.

They've made 150 drug arrests since the first of the year. Sheriff John Everett says his county has been known as the meth capital of the state of Georgia for some time, and it's time to change it.

"To say we're going to stop the drug trade wouldn't be a valid statement," said Sheriff John Everett. "We're trying to make it hard for them to operate in this county."

Investigators have seized guns, cars, drugs and money during the arrests about a month ago. They charged a husband wife team with manufacturing meth.  Detectives believe the pair had been supplying the county with meth for about 10 years.


Narcotics task force releases 2008 drug report: meth remains local "drug of choice"

Meth remains the drug of choice in Butte County. The 2008 annual report by the Butte Interagency Narcotics Task Force shows almost a quarter million dollars worth of meth was seized. And drug agents also seized 22 clandestine meth labs.

District Attorney Mike Ramsey says there were 3 thousand more grams of meth seized in 2008. He says more emphasis this year will be placed on protecting drug endangered children.

He also noticed an alarming rise in opiate based prescription pills, which he says are being used more and more by high schoolers.

From KPAY-Radio

Youth ranch director fired after being arrested on meth charge

DECATUR, Ala. - Morgan County Sheriff Greg Bartlett says 30-year-old Robert Samuel Hopper was arrested and charged last month with felony possession of methamphetamine.

Hopper was fired from his job as director of the Morgan County Youth Ranch after the substance was found on March 27 at his ranch residence.

Twenty-two boys live at the Danville ranch. As a child, Hopper also lived at the ranch. Hopper was released from the Morgan County Jail on $2,500 bail. A trial date has not been set.

Nicholas Rauccio, chief executive officer of the Alabama Sheriff's Youth Ranches organization, says Hopper was 80 days into his 90-day probationary period as the ranch's new director.


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