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Latest news: 04-23-2010

"MethViewer" website maps meth contamination

AR - The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality unveiled a new website this week for tracking properties contaminated by methamphetamine manufacturing. The MethViewer application allows users to interact with a GIS map showing properties that have not been decontaminated or have only recently been decontaminated after authorities found manufacturing operations on the premises. Clyde Rhodes, the chief of the ADEQ hazardous waste division, said remnants from chemicals used in such drug operations can cause medical problems ranging from skin and eye irritation to difficulty breathing.

Full story, The Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Without pseudo, anhydrous ammonia, meth lab numbers down

KS - A change in medication sales and a change in anhydrous ammonia delivery policy have all but elminated a drug problem that is becoming more prevalent in the eastern part of the U.S., — mobile methamphetamine labs. Even though the labs are rare now in Pratt County everyone has to remain vigilant or moving meth labs could make a comeback, said Pratt County Sheriff Vernon Chinn. When Kansas’s lawmakers put products with ephedrine or pseudoephedrine behind the counter they took away easy access to a vital element in meth production, said Pratt Police Detective Jeff Ward.

Full story, The Pratt Tribune

A new way of dealing meth: operate out of a house in suburbia

UT - A drug bust overnight has led to six arrests and the disruption of a major drug supplier in the Salt Lake Valley. Unified Police say the group is connected to a Mexican drug cartel. A Unified police SWAT team moved in on a house in Riverton around 2:30 Thursday morning. It's a fairly new subdivision, a nice neighborhood. Officers say that's why the dealers chose to operate there. "These cartels are not fools. They're going to use locations that historically we have not been aware of or are interested in." said Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder.

Full story, from KSL-TV

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