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Latest news: 05-03-2010

More moms turning to meth to reduce stress, lose weight

IN - Stressed mothers, seeking an escape, are turning to methamphetamine in a dangerous trend experts hope to shed light on and stop. Methamphetamine use among women, including many mothers, is up over the last several years nationally, and as one of the country's worst states when it comes to meth use, Indiana is contributing to the trend. Jennifer Lee, a recovering meth addict, said she turned to the drug during tough times.

Full story, from RTV6-TV

UT: Old meth homes dot country, pose health risks residents

UT - Jaimee Alkinani and her husband had just bought their first home in a quiet suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. The house was nice: three bedrooms, tree-lined street, kids riding bikes down the sidewalk, and friendly neighbors who waved when they passed. The family was on their way—they'd also just opened a small business near their home, had an eleven-month-old child, and Jaimee was eight months pregnant. Life had officially started for the Alkinanis. But soon things turned for the worse. A few days after they had moved in, a neighbor welcomed them with disturbing news. "Your house used to be a meth lab," he said.

Full story, from Discovery Magazine

Man convicted for selling 98 percent pure meth.

AL - A reputed member of a San Diego-based gang was convicted in Mobile last week of helping to import a potent form of methamphetamine into southwest Alabama. According to testimony at Ho's federal trial, he was a member of Tiny Oriental Crips. Ham Xaysana, who is serving a prison sentence of more than 11½ years, testified that he and Ho both belonged to the street gang and worked together sell a pure form of meth called "ice" in the greater Mobile area and Mississippi.  Capt. Darryl Wilson, the chief criminal investigator for the Bayou La Batre Police Department and a member of a Drug Enforcement Administration task force that investigated the case, said in an interview that convicting Ho was a significant victory.

Full story, The Alabama Press-Register

88 people indicted in drug investigation

TN - Last Friday, the Oak Ridge Police Department began rounding up 46 suspected drug dealers in Oak Ridge, and on Thursday, the Anderson County Sheriff's Department began the same process. On Thursday afternoon, the Sheriff's Department began arresting suspects from an on-going drug investigation that culminated in the indictment of 88 people on 163 drug-related offenses.
A special-called grand jury heard the cases and chose to indict the individuals, as they did in the Oak Ridge undercover operation.

Full story, The Oak Ridger

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