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Latest news: 05-11-2010

New Obama drug-control plan signals policy shift

WA - The White House is putting more resources into drug prevention and treatment, part of President Obama's pledge to treat illegal drug use more as a public-health issue than a criminal-justice problem.
The new drug-control strategy to be released Tuesday proposes spending $15.5 billion next year with an emphasis on community-based anti-drug programs, encouraging health-care providers to screen for drug problems before addiction sets in and expanding treatment beyond specialty centers to mainstream health-care facilities.

Full story, The Seattle Times

Drug putting strain on police, community

IN - It's a drug that anyone can make with common household items found at Wal-Mart. The manufacturing of methamphetamine has exploded in Northeast Indiana, and police worry that it shows no signs of slowing down. "There's a devil out there and meth is it," said an undercover officer with the Kosciusko County Drug Task Force. "In my 24 years with law enforcement, this is the most hideous drug,I've ever seen." "The meth problem goes well beyond the drug itself," added another undercover officer. "I don't think people have a full grasp of what's going on."

Full story, from WANE-TV

Young father jailed for smuggling meth, cocaine

TX - A 21-year-old father is behind bars after he allegedly drove his wife and two children in a car loaded with cocaine and meth. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers arrested Alejandro Flores on federal drug smuggling charges Friday. Court records show he drove up from Matamoros at Brownsville's B&M International Bridge in a Mazda passenger vehicle. Flores' wife and two children were in the car. Customs officers allegedly found 13.99 pounds of cocaine and 12.24 pounds of methamphetamines stashed in a hidden compartment of his trunk.

Full story, from KGBT-TV

2-year-old  tested positive for methamphetamine

TX - Toxicology tests on a 2-year-old boy hospitalized Sunday for seizures revealed that he had amphetamines and methamphetamine in his system, according to a Fort Worth police report.The crimes against children unit is investigating how the boy got the drugs. According to a police report, the boy was taken to the emergency room at Cook Children's Medical Center on Sunday morning. His mother indicated that he "had got into something" and was having seizures.

Full story, The Star-Telegram

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