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Latest news: 05-21-09

Farmworker shot by deputies had meth in system

Yolo County, CA - The 26-year-old farm worker killed by Yolo County sheriff's deputies in Woodland on April 30 had enough methamphetamine in his system to cause "violent and irrational behavior," an autopsy report released this morning states.

Luis Gutierrez had 420 nanograms per mililiter of methamphetamine in his system and violent behavior has been reported in users with levels between 200 and 600 ng ml, the report from the Yolo County Coroner said.

Full story, The Sacramento Bee

Police bust multi-million dollar drug ring

Kansas City, MO - Twenty people were arrested Thursday suspected of being involved in a multi-million dollar pseudoephedrine drug ring. Pseudoephedrine is used to make meth.

Police said there are two separate cases, both involving large quantities of the drug. The first case is related to an armed robbery in 2007 on Super Bowl Sunday. The robbery took place at local pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Kansas City. The lead defendant in this case is James Everson of Kansas City, Kan.

The indictment alleges Everson hid himself inside the facility overnight and took a security guard hostage at gunpoint then used a guard's cellphone and access key card to steal 15 kilo barrels of pseudo powder to make meth. The manufacturing plant used the powder to make cold meds.

The second federal indictment charges Garland Hankins of Oak Grove, Mo. with possession of pseudoephedrine worth almost $1 million.


Mayor calls for coordinated effort to combat meth

Galesburg, IL - Mayor Sal Garza has called on law enforcement agencies and community organizations to join forces in the battle against drugs and wants to establish a new body to help share information about crime.

Garza’s statement can be seen as an effort to move on from a row that threatened cooperation between those groups at a time when drug activity appears to be on the rise.

Full story, The Register-Mail

Man won't be charged with teen's meth overdose death

Lynnwood, WA - A Lynnwood man once jailed in connection with the fatal overdose of 16-year-old boy won't face charges for the boy's death.

Prosecutors say they don't believe they can prove to a jury that Robert Spillum, 30, supplied the drugs that caused Jamie Leavitt's death on April 23, 2008. Leavitt died of acute methamphetamine intoxication.

Full story, The Daily Herald Company

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