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Latest news: 05-24-2010

Meth cases reach 7-year low in Putnam County, Ind

IN - Putnam County Prosecutor Tim Bookwalter has released the 2009 Meth Statistics in Putnam County showing methamphetamine cases have fallen to a seven-year low. There were only six cases filed in 2009, compared to a high of 75 cases filed in 2005. "From 2003 to 2005, meth cases really doubled each year in Putnam County. We implemented the "Stop Meth" program in the spring of 2005, and the Meth cases have fallen each year since then," said Bookwalter. The "Stop Meth" program targeted meth dealers and "cookers" with long prison sentences, and short-term jail for users followed with a daily treatment program for users similar to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Full story, The Greencastle Banner-Graphic

Meth lab found called larger than typical setups

VA - A methamphetamine laboratory raided by police near downtown Vinton on Friday was larger than the throw-away drug labs discovered elsewhere recently in Southwest Virginia, a federal agent said. John Thomas Nelon Jr., 28, of Vinton was charged in an arrest warrant with manufacturing methamphetamine, possessing drugs with the intent to manufacture and manufacturing a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a school, hours after a swarm of law enforcers swept into a low-slung garage in the 100 block of West Madison Avenue. 

Full story, The Roanoke Times

Deputies sniff out meth lab

NC - Lenoir County residents James Edward Stalnaker and Christopher S. Price allegedly cooked up such a storm Thursday night in Stalnaker’s Kinston home it brought Sgt. Clay Keel of the Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office over for a visit. Unfortunately for Stalnaker, 37, and Price, 36, Keel, a narcotics investigator with the LCSO, did not want a taste, but to complete a three-week investigation of the two’s connection in manufacturing a meth lab. Keel did not even have to ask Stalnaker of his involvement when he met him shortly before 11 p.m. at the door of his 2479 Forrest Drive residence. “When I knocked on the door to complete the investigation, Stalnaker answered and I was able to smell the operation in process and see in plain sight equipment used to manufacture methamphetamine,” Keel said.

Full story, from ENC.Today.com

Meth ‘top chef’ gets 14 years in prison

MI - A 36-year-old man described as a “top chef” among methamphetamine manufacturers was handed down three separate prison terms Thursday in Lenawee County Circuit Court that are to keep him locked up at least 14 years. Before being led out of the courtroom, Chad Thomas Marvin was urged to seek regular cancer screenings while in prison because of his extensive exposure to carcinogenic chemicals used in making methamphetamines. Judge Timothy P. Pickard later commented he feared Marvin may not survive his prison terms because of the chemical exposure. Officers in the OMNI narcotics unit reported finding an active meth-cooking operation when they searched Marvin’s Tecumseh apartment after obtaining a warrant on Oct. 26.

Full story, The Daily Telegram

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