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Latest news: 05-26-09

Meth rebounds in Maui

Wailuku, HI - Crystal methamphetamine and other narcotics are showing signs of a resurgence on Maui, due to the dismal economy, according to a Maui Police Department vice officer.

As people find themselves unemployed and desperate, they increasingly turn to the drug trade to try to make money, said police officer Ken Doyle. Others start using drugs like meth to stay awake while they work multiple jobs to support their children. And addicts of all ages often say they started using drugs to cope with a dysfunctional or broken family life, he said.

Full story, The Maui News

Fewer fires, but no decrease in labs

Tulsa, OK - Fires caused by meth labs have subsided in the last few weeks, but law enforcement officers say the number of meth labs discovered in Tulsa has not decreased one bit.

Authorities say that the decrease in fires may be due to meth cooks using a slightly less volatile technique.

Full story, The Oklahoman

Atlanta area suburbanites surprised by presence of drug cartels

Forsyth County, GA - The man who lived on a quiet cul-de-sac in Forsyth County appeared to be an ordinary guy.

He ran a small fencing company. His grade-school-aged children played with others in the subdivision. His lifestyle was simple and unassuming.

Full story, Atlanta Journal Constitution

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