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Latest news: 05-26-2010

Meth has become Arkansas' primary drug of concern

AR - Problems associated with the drug methamphetamine are growing in Arkansas. Doctors say meth is one of the most addictive drugs out there. After one high, Crystal Bush couldn't leave meth alone. And she's not alone in her story. According to the department of justice, over the last 10 years meth has become Arkansas' primary drug of concern. In 2005, 45 percent of the federal drug cases in the state involved methamphetamine. Dr. Clint Kilts with the Brain Imaging Research Center with UAMS says, "I personally think it's one of the most abusive, most potential for addiction liability of any of the psycho stimulants and other drugs of abuse." But what makes it so addicting? Kilts, the director of the Brain Imaging Research Center at UAMS has researched the answer. "First sensations of using meth are rather empowering, rather enabling, rather positive in terms of reinforcing," he says. 

Full story, from KTHV-TV

Investigation turns up massive meth network

NE - Investigators are working to pull apart a Lincoln drug network said to be responsible for distributing more than $1 million of meth last year. Details from searches done last week are emerging in newly filed criminal cases against two men. What's behind it all looks to be big. Lincoln Police Capt. Brian Jackson said he can't talk about it yet, but in court records unsealed this week one of his officers wrote of a yearlong investigation into a narcotics distribution organization in Lincoln. The kind of organization said to deal in pounds of meth rather than grams or ounces. The kind said to have sold more than $1 million of the stuff to one informant alone last year.

Full story, The Lincoln Journal Star

Deputies bust anhydrous ammonia theft

TX - Two Wichita County deputies busted a pair of suspected anhydrous ammonia thieves early today. Deputies Tim Putney and Ronnie Pullin were sent to the 13000 block on Continental Road about 1 a.m. to check on a report of the chemical being stolen, according to a release from the Sheriff's Office. As deputies approached the area, they saw two men standing outside a vehicle. The officers detected the strong smell of anhydrous ammonia emitting from the vehicle, the release said.

Full story, The Times Record News

Couple pleads guilty to manufacturing methamphetamine

MI - A married couple accused of making methamphetamine inside the Bangor Township townhouse they shared with their three children have entered into a plea deal rather than face a Bay County jury. Friday, Matthew F. Autry, 36, appeared before Bay County Circuit Judge Kenneth W. Schmidt and pleaded guilty to a count of operating or maintaining a methamphetamine lab. Monday, his wife Jessica L. Autry, 26, appeared before Schmidt and pleaded guilty to the same charge, court records show.

Full story, from The Bay City Times

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