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Latest news: 05-27-2010

Georgia Meth Project releases meth survey results, launches ad campaign

GA - New research says 58% of teens say their parents have never talked to them about the dangers of meth. That’s one reason the Georgia Meth Project hosted several public forums today on the dangers of meth. One of the forums was at the Columbus Public Library. The Georgia Meth Project recently kicked off a three year ad campaign throughout Georgia targeting middle and high schoolers. The campaign’s slogan is “Not Even Once.“ You may have seen their billboards around the area. One is located at the intersection of 10th Avenue and Wynnton Road in Columbus. It pictures a bathroom sink with a razor blade lying next to the drain and streaks of smeared blood.

Full story, WRBL-TV

Meth labs up in Memphis

TN - In late March, the Memphis Police Department (MPD) discovered the remnants of several meth labs in the garage of a home in a quiet, gated Cordova community. Three people — 28-year-old Chris Pipkin, 27-year-old Brandon Bentley, and 20-year-old Natalie Reak — were arrested in connection with the bust. The bust was one of 26 meth lab busts by the MPD so far this year, compared with 59 in all of last year and 33 in 2008. Though methamphetamine was once considered a rural drug, its manufacture and use is on the rise in urban areas such as Memphis.

Full story, Memphis Flyer

Police bust notorious gang, seize 32 lbs. of meth

San Bernardino, CA - A major bust in San Bernardino brought a notorious gang to its knees. Nearly two dozen reported gang members are off the streets, along with a slew of drugs and weapons. A total of 22 arrests were made during the bust that took more than a year's work. The Wednesday bust is also shedding light on past allegations of police brutality. When Eyewitness News first aired amateur video of officers arresting local barbershop owner Darren Johnson in October 23, 2009, the question was simple: Did officers use excessive force during the arrest?

Full story, KABC-TV

Missing person search finds dead body, meth lab

AL - At least five people are in custody on drug charges, one man was found dead and another was found unconscious when the Etowah County Sheriff's Department responded this morning to a mobile home off Anderson Road to look for a missing 17-year-old from the Attalla area. Deputies found the missing girl and saw some drugs in a camper where the unconscious man was found. The Etowah County Drug Enforcement Unit was called and, while responding, sheriff's office investigators and deputies found the body of a man believed to be in his 30s in a mobile home in the same yard as the camper.

Full story, The Gadsen Times

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