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Latest news: 05-28-2010

Health outcomes associated with meth use among youth

NY - Methamphetamine (MA) use among young people is a significant social, economic, and public health concern for affected communities as well as policymakers. A strong base of scientific evidence is needed to craft effective public health interventions in response. The researchers conducted a systematic review to identify scientific studies of health outcomes associated with MA use among persons ages 10 to 24. The International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) was used to categorize outcomes and determine the level of evidence for each series of harms.

Full story, from The Body

Suspicious truck leads police to 16 pounds of meth

CA - Police seized $1.2 million worth of methamphetamine at a Sunland home early Thursday after investigating a truck they stopped on Foothill Boulevard. Four people were arrested in connection with possessing the 16 pounds of meth, Sgt. Tom Lorenz said. "It's coming to our community and we got to cut it off at the head," Lorenz said. "We got to find a source." The drugs were likely intended for distribution to residents in the foothills and communities to the east, he said. Glendale police officers stopped a maroon Dodge Ram at 2 a.m. Thursday on Foothill Boulevard after Garcia, the driver, allegedly committed several traffic violations, Lorenz said.

Full story, The Glendale News Press

Federal & local agents put dent in meth upsurge in S.E. Tenn.

TN - A long term federal investigation rounds up 14 men on charges of making and selling meth. Most of it happened in Marion County. Agents picked up people in Sequatchie, Grundy and other mountain counties west of Chattanooga. One officer working with the A-T-F says this three plus year investigation connects back to the ring leader, Harry Pritchett, who is known as "Osama." Federal and local agents made a large dent in the methamphetamine explosion in Southeast Tennessee. Police found a lab and six guns at the Gruetli-Laager home of Mike Coffelt, also known as "Paranoia." But most of the arrests last week happened in Marion County. Cindy Thompson dates one of the men indicted. "I don't think it's right. And I think they should be took off the street. I had no idea that he was even involved with nothing like that." Thompson dates Dana Morrison, also known as "Cooter."

Full story, from WTVC-TV

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