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Latest news: 06-1-2010

Former White House drug spokesman says make pseudo Rx only

WA - Former White House Drug Policy Spokesman Robert Weiner and Jonathan Battaglia, a Policy Analyst at Robert Weiner Associates, say that Congress and state legislatures should make methamphetamine's main ingredient, pseudoephedrine, prescription-only.  In an op-ed in The State, South Carolina's largest newspaper, Weiner and Battaglia say Oregon has taken the step and in three years since 2006 enactment, cut the crisis in half. Mississippi and Missouri  have recently taken similar steps. Weiner and Battaglia point out that methamphetamine is a dangerous, illicit drug that 10.4 million Americans aged 12 or older have tried at least once. "The best way to curtail meth use is to make sure the only people getting pseudoephedrine, a key component of meth found in most over-the-counter cold medications, are the people who really need it," Weiner and Battaglia say. "It's time lawmakers make the problem a legislative priority."

Full story, from PR Newswire

Snails offer clue to why addiction is hard to control

WA - Can aquatic snails better remember lessons learned when they are hopped up on methamphetamine? Barbara Sorg  of Washington State University in Pullman teamed up with Ken Lukowiak of the University of Calgary Medicine to see if working with snails might provide clues as to why drug memories are so strong that they seem to draw addicts back into repetitive use and addiction.

Full story, The Scientific American

City employees learn to spot signs of meth production

KS - Local law enforcement agencies are not the only people working to crack down on drugs. Members of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation came to the Liberal Police Department Training Center to teach people, ranging from building and home inspectors to police officers, about meth lab awareness and safety.The training was offered in two sessions, one for city employees and one for law enforcement. During the training, city employees learned how to detect signs of drug production in a home, as well as the hazards of materials used for methamphetamine production.

Full story, The Southwest Times

Meth cases bog local court system

KY - Numerous defendants charged with manufacturing methamphetamine were arraigned and several sentenced Tuesday in Hardin Circuit Court as the drug further clogs the court system. Punishments ranged from a decade of probation to 12 years in prison. Three defendants sentenced were related, according to one attorney, and accused of the crime after a single incident Sept. 28, 2009, at Masden Mobile Home Park in Radcliff. Robert Cannon, his mother, Rhonda Reiff, and a cousin, Claude Joseph Thomas, were convicted last fall. Each agreed to plea deals with Commonwealth’s Attorney Chris Shaw’s office. Cannon was sentenced to 10 years.

Full story, The News Enterprise

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