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Latest news: 6-03-2009

Despite anti-meth measures, lab busts on the rise in Missouri 

St. Louis, MO - Despite a law making it harder to buy ingredients to make methamphetamine, lab busts are on the rise in Missouri. Meanwhile, the state continues to lead the nation in meth incidents, and by a wide margin.

Highway Patrol Capt. Tim Hull says 462 lab busts and discoveries of meth processing dump sites were reported in Missouri for the first three months of 2009. That is up from 426 incidents in the first quarter of 2008.

Mississippi had the second-most meth incidents, with 146 in the January through March period.

A new Missouri law requires that only pharmacies can sell compounds containing pseudoephedrine and ephedrine, and that they be kept behind the counter. Police say meth-makers are getting around the law by going to several pharmacies to get the precursors.


Man accused of giving meth to his children

Oxford, AL - An Oxford father and his girlfriend are facing felony meth charges following a recent bust. Investigators accuse the man of actually giving the drug to his own children!

The man and his girlfriend were arrested following a search of his home on Taylor's Chapel Road  early Thursday morning.  .  

Full story, WIAT-TV

17 arrested in meth team sweep

LaGrange County, IN - Seventeen people were arrested Tuesday night as LaGrange County authorities executed a sweep on suspected meth labs and dealers.

The Sheriff’s Office, assisted by Indiana State Police and more than 10 other law enforcement agencies, found two active meth labs while making the arrests primarily in the LaGrange community.

In addition to meth-related dealing and production, the 17 men and women arrested face a range of charges including possession and dealing of marijuana.

The warrants were the result of a yearlong investigation, LaGrange authorities said in a news release.

Many of the arrests stemmed from citizen complaints, police said. The public is encouraged to continue notifying police of suspicious activity.


Father-daughter duo face drug charges

Mayville, ND - A rural Mayville, N.D., man and his daughter were arrested Monday and each will face several drug charges today in state district court in Hillsboro, N.D., related to possessing or making methamphetamine and marijuana, the Traill County Sheriff’s Department said.

Steve Schiebe, 51, was arrested after a search of his rural Mayville home found materials indicating the manufacture of meth in the garage on the property, Sheriff Mike Crocker alleged in a news release. His daughter, Julie Schiebe, 26, also was arrested Monday.

Full story,Grand Forks Herald

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