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Latest news: 06-8-2010

OHSU Emergency Department reports fewer meth-related visits following 2006 'anti-meth' legislation

OR - The number of methamphetamine-related emergency room visits decreased significantly in the year following the implementation of Oregon's law prohibiting the sale of over-the-counter decongestant containing pseudoephedrine, according to Oregon Health & Science Emergency Department physician-researchers. "This is one of the first studies to suggest that limitation of supply of an illicit substance may be effective at decreasing its use as well as its associated medical problems," said Rob Hendrickson, M.D., principal investigator, medical toxicologist and an associate professor of emergency medicine in the OHSU School of Medicine. "Our research suggests that the state legislation limiting the supply of methamphetamine was associated with a decrease in methamphetamine use and, in particular, a decrease in medical problems related to methamphetamine."

Full story, from R&D Magazine

Sheriff's Office busts large meth operation

MI - Three Shiawassee County residents have been arrested after deputies busted what is being described as a large-scale methamphetamine operation. “It was a major bust,” Shiawassee County Sheriff Office Lt. Michael TerMeer said. TerMeer said he is unable to give any exact amounts on the size of the bust as officials are still working to finalize reports, which will be sent to the county prosecutor who is expected to issue charges.

Full story, The Argus-Press Company

County needs a drug treatment center, says Mayor

AZ - “You really started something,” said Bullhead City Mayor Jack Hakim, at a Friday organizational meeting of the Mohave Area Prevention Partnership for Educated Decisions (MAPPED), formerly known as the “Meth, Not in Our Town Coalition.”  The name was changed to address other issues, including domestic violence, bullying, and all types of substance abuse. Hakim told the group Mohave County needs a rehab center, and mentioned there’s a vacant motel on Highway 95, just north of Ramar Road, “that would be ideal.” A representative from Mohave County M-STEPP said it’s their goal to find a provider for a treatment center.

Full story, The Mohave Daily News

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