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Latest news: 6-10-2009

AG to announce bust of $2.5 meth ring

Harrisburg, PA - Attorney General Tom Corbett today will announce the arrest of three men who operated a $2.5 million meth ring.

The ongoing investigation focused on the distribution of large quantities of crystal methamphetamine in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Delaware County and Southern New Jersey.

Corbett has called a press conference this afternoon at the Attorney General’s Bureau of Narcotics Investigation office, 7801 Essington Ave., Philadelphia, to announce the charges.

From The Delaware County Daily Times

US attorney: Repeat offender gets life in prison

Las Vegas, NV - A federal prosecutor says an illegal immigrant with two previous convictions in California for drug trafficking has been sentenced in Nevada to life in federal prison after being found guilty of methamphetamine trafficking and firearms possession.

U.S. Attorney Gregory Brower says 28-year-old Martin Alvarez-Rodriquez was sentenced Tuesday by U.S. District Court Judge Philip M. Pro in Las Vegas.

Alvarez-Rodriguez also uses the name Delfino Sotelo-Ortega.

A jury found him guilty in November of conspiracy, drug possession and firearms charges stemming from a May 2006 undercover drug buy in Las Vegas.

Brower says federal law calls for a sentence of life without parole for defendants with two prior felony drug convictions and a new conviction for selling 50 grams or more of methamphetamine.

From San Jose Mercury News

Racecar driver's suspension due to methamphetamine use, two say

Daytona Beach, FL - The substance that led NASCAR to suspend driver Jeremy Mayfield was the addictive stimulant methamphetamine, according to two people with knowledge of the test but who are unable to speak publicly due to a gag order.

It was disclosed in NASCAR's countersuit filed last week that Mayfield tested positive for amphetamines, although the exact name of the illegal drug was redacted. NASCAR asserted in its response to a lawsuit filed by Mayfield that he was under the influence of a combination of drugs.

William Diehl, Mayfield's lawyer, told USA TODAY "everybody in the world" has known about the drug Mayfield tested positive for, although he said he couldn't elaborate because a judge has asked both sides to abide by a suppression order.

Mayfield said his positive test was the result of taking a prescribed attention-deficit-disorder drug (Adderall) and an over-the-counter allergy medicine (Claritin D).

From USA Today

Agencies band together to fight meth in South Mississippi

Harrison County, MS - Like many other regions, South Mississippi has a growing meth problem. Almost every day, someone is arrested for possessing or manufacturing methamphetamines.

"If you can bake cookies, you can make meth, unfortunately," Marshall Fisher said.

Full story, WLOX-TV

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