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Latest news: 06-11-2010

Meth seizures on border on record pace

TX — Border seizures of methamphetamine are surging after years of decline, indicating that the drug once seen as a poor man's cocaine drummed up in backwoods U.S. kitchens is becoming a key export of Mexican drug traffickers. The seizures soared in 2009 and are on pace for a record year in 2010. They range from the 340-pound, $5.1 million batch discovered in a truckload of carrots coming across the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge to $26,000 worth seized from the car of a Houston teenager driving from Matamoros, Mexico.

Full story, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

'Vampires' likely grew from meth-based paranoia

HI - Strange details are emerging about Sato Franklin Sigrah, 20, who was charged with killing a 27-year-old and attacking her family. Mental health experts said Sigrah told them that he thought his victims were vampires. And while being held at the state hospital, he tried to escape by leaping off a wall because he thought he could fly. Sigrah told the doctors he'd been drinking and smoking crystal methamphetamine since the sixth grade.  That history of drug and alcohol abuse means Sigrah will not be able to use the insanity defense when he goes to trial.

Full story, KITV

Mom on meth jailed for tossing baby to ground

IN - Greenwood police have arrested a woman accused of throwing her baby to the ground while under the influence of methamphetamine. Police said Kayla Neighbors lifted her 10 month-old daughter Aryana into the air last week and slammed her to the concrete. Neighbors told police Kayla had been using methamphetamine. She faces charges of battery and neglect of a dependent. Aryana suffered a skull fracture from the incident. She has since been released from the hospital and is living with relatives.

Full story, WXIN

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