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Latest news: 06-14-2010

La. database to limit cold medicine sales

LA - When traveling from her home in Raceland, La., to shoot photographs for her work, Sarah Thibodaux has to remember to throw another item in her overnight bag that she can't leave without -- her Claritin. If she forgets her medicine, Thibodaux worries that she may have to suffer through a cold, the last thing she wants to be dealing with. After June 15, pharmacies will be electronically informed when to turn away customers who have surpassed the legal limit of over-the-counter cold medicine per month to be in compliance with a new state law. The law is to prohibit the sale of cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine in an effort to prevent manufacturing methamphetamine.

Full story, KSLA-TV

Meth labs can leave expensive aftermath

MI - After police raid a methamphetamine lab, many wheels begin turning. Police begin to collect evidence and conduct interviews to build a case against those operating the lab. Suspects hire lawyers, a number of court dates are scheduled, and eventually the process potentially climaxes with a jail sentence for the suspected parties. However, often overlooked in the process is the actual site of the lab. The cooking of methamphetamine creates hazardous material contamination, and any space that hosts one of these cook sites must be decontaminated in order to be inhabited again.

Full story, The Argus-Press

Trial date set for mom accused of throwing infant

IN - A woman who police said slammed her infant daughter head-first into a sidewalk while high on methamphetamine was appointed a public defender on Monday as she awaits trial. Kayla Neighbors, 23, told officers that she had been using methamphetamine inside her apartment when she accidentally dropped her 10-month-old daughter, Aryana, on June 3. Witnesses told police that Neighbors shouted that she had accidentally dropped the child, got a confused look on her face and raised the infant above her head and threw the child onto the concrete.

Full story, WRTV

21 people indicted in meth investigation

TN - A year-long joint investigation into methamphetamine production has led to the indictment of 21 people on 264 criminal offenses. The investigation, dubbed Operation Fed-Up, has resulted in a sealed 264-count indictment against 21 people by a federal grand jury in Chattanooga. The investigation was conducted jointly by the Roane County Sheriff's Office, Harriman Police Department, Loudon County Sheriff's Office, Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Tennessee Meth Task Force and the Drug Enforcement Administration in Chattanooga.

Full story, The Oak Ridger

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